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What is coaching? 

Coaching is a future-focused conversation between the coach and client(s) working in partnership to explore their challenges, gain new insights and new perspectives to transform and move forward in their lives. 

Majella Rowe Coaching
Majella Rowe Coaching

What is involved in the coaching process?

The client brings their goals or challenges to explore in a safe, non-judgmental space. The Coach actively listens and explores with thought-provoking questions to encourage the client to use deeper thinking to gain new perspectives and new insights.  This results in a new way of thinking for the client allowing transformation and change to happen. 

Why choose me as your coach?

You realising your potential, finding peace and joy is the best reward I can get. My passion is witnessing you make the changes to enable you to transform your life and your relationships. 


I love what I do because I have been able to do this in my own life and I want the same for you. I bring a unique skillset, experience, and care that allows my clients to access the information they need to take the next step. I am completely committed to supporting you on your coaching journey.

Majella Rowe Coaching
Majella Rowe Coaching

Why come for coaching?  

People come for all kinds of reasons.

When they feel stuck or lost.

They need an independent thinking partner.

They find it difficult to trust their decisions.

They have continual negative feelings about themselves.

They are transitioning in an area of their life.

Image by Johannes Plenio
Majella Rowe Coaching
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